What do you want to do?

  • Do you need to teach indoors?

    Yes No
  • Are you looking for IR, Bluetooth or 2.4G Wireless systems?

    IR SYSTEMS Bluetooth systems 2.4G Wireless system
  • Do you need switchable channel IR systems?

    YES NO
  • Do you need to use IR systems with channels more than TWO?

    YES NO
  • How many media resources (DVD, computer, etc) will you need to plug in to our multi-channels IR systems?

    fewer than 2 more than 2
  • Do you need a WALL-mountable IR system with a key locker?

    YES NO
  • Do you need a pendant or handheld microphone for your IR Wireless systems?

    YES, a pendant YES, a handheld
  • For your pendant microphones, do you need a external high quality mini mic?

    YES NO

The products that meet your needs: